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Cheap thrills in Bris-Vegas

 After Bluesfest wrapped up, we decided to head a couple of hours north to Brisbane, to look for some work. It’s been a strange week since we got here – doing the trawl through job websites everyday, hassling recruitment agents, and moving from caravan park to sharehouse.

Despite being on a super tight budget which doesn’t allow us to indulge in any of the real tourist activities Brisbane has to offer, we’ve had fun exploring the city and doing some bizarre things in the process.

We’ve been getting out and about on our bikes almost every day, finding awesome cycle paths all over the city and its suburbs, and maybe even getting a wee bit fit in the process! The Queensland Museum was an interesting excursion for us one day, where we saw the smallest boat to ever sail around the world (it looked more like a glorified bathtub actually) and the fabulous photographic exhibition on explorer Herbert Basedow.

And we’ve visited some pretty wicked parks and gardens, including the stunning Roma St Parkland, which is full of exotic looking tropical plants, as well as being a great place to people-watch!

Here’s some other things we’re into at the moment: 
• Eating canned soup
• Befriending random cats that hang around trying to bludge food from us
• The smallness of Brisbane: “Is THAT the city?” – Oli.
• Sunshine and being able to wear shorts and singlets at this time of year (sucked in to the Canberrans reading this, all rugged up in a gazillion layers of winter clothing)
• Watching random suburban club rugby matches on the weekend

Things we’re over:
• Jandals (sorry, thongs) sticking to the floor of the caravan park showers
• Pubs that don’t have pool tables
• Our GPS giving us random directions and getting us lost
• The tedious hunt for some work

Actually, Oli has already found a job doing some landscape gardening work, but I’m still looking, and keeping my fingers crossed something comes my way soon.

Have you got a suggestion for something free and fun we can do here in Brissy?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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