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north for winter

Oh happy days! We’re finally moving on from Brisbane on Sunday, so once again we’re going through the process of packing, planning, organising and budgeting.

And in amongst all the planning, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed at the sheer size of this country, and daunted about how much distance we have to cover in just two weeks. It’s exciting, but it’s kind of scary as well. I’m trying to not think about the ‘what if’s, and instead just look forward to the adventure.

You see, we’re heading off outback to take up a WWOOFing opportunity on a cattle station. So the next two weeks will find us travelling up the east coast, from Brisbane to Townsville, and then way out west, to Maronan Station near Cloncurry.

That’s about 2156 kilometres, in 15 days. Eeek!

We’re super excited about seeing the Top End and outback Australia, and can’t wait to see some emus, crocs, camels and red dirt, along with everything else that makes the northern parts of this country special.

But most of all, we’re looking forward to being back on the road again. After all, there’s too much fun to be had.

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