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interesting creatures and characters

It’s funny how the vibe of a place can strike so immediately, and leave such an impression. About a week ago we found ourselves at Sussex Inlet, where we stayed for a night at a unusual little camping ground on Alamein Rd, right on the estuary. The place had a strange feel – old, somewhat neglected and run down, and almost like it was haunted or something. We never really quite felt comfortable there, and left the next morning, but we were glad we did stop there for the night, because while we were there we got talking to an older lady called Mavis. She told us she had been visiting the campsite for 60 years. She told us about her ritual early morning swim in the estuary every morning, and then revealed to us that she still did it every day, at the grand old age of 92. Wonderful!

Jervis Bay was more our cup of chai. We swam at the beautiful Hyams Beach, then found ourselves the perfect campsite at Greenpatch in Booderee National Park. Here we relaxed for a couple of days, enjoying bushwalks, lazing on the beach and a bit of snorkelling.

The highlight for me was seeing a pod of dolphins playing in the water, then spotting a penguin swimming and diving for fish. A couple of hours later, I was back in the water, swimming along enjoying the crystal clear water, when I spotted a dark patch in the water. Thought it must be a big rock in the water, and slipped my goggles on to have a look under water – when I realised it wasn’t a rock, but actually a HUGE bull ray just a couple of feet away from me!  It must have been two metres wide or more, and was just cruising along peacefully just above the sand. I very quietly flipped out and swam away as quickly as I could. Spooky, but very very cool!these curious visitors came to sit on our awning and see what we were up to

We were lucky enough to catch up with a friend who lives just near Ulladulla for a couple of nights – he generously let us stay, feed us, and we enjoyed the use of a real bed and bathroom for a couple of days. It was great to catch up and we had some great chats, as well as a wonderful day fishing and paddling around in his kayak. Thanks JB, we had a ball.

Our plans were to spend a couple of nights camping at Kangaroo Valley, but that changed when we were invited to come and spend some time WWOOFing at the YurtFarm in Goulburn, so we headed inland and we’ve spent the last few days settling in to life on the farm and getting to know some great hosts and fellow WWOOFers here.

The farm is run by a bloke called Mike and his partner Judit; the motto of this place is ‘back to basics’ – that is, living simply, and simply living. Our mornings are filled with fun chores around the farm –milking the cow by hand, feeding the pigs, weeding. The afternoons are free time to explore, relax, whatever.

While it all sounds simple – and it is! – there is so much more to this place than I can describe in a few paragraphs.  I think I will leave it there for now, and try to paint a better picture of what we’re doing here and what it’s all about over the next blog post or two, along with some more photos of the farm.

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